Loss of fat pads and skin elasticity forming jowls2,4


Fleshy jowls and loss of jawline definition


Jowls minimised and tightened, jawline can be strengthened

Face contour enhancement

Alternative or postponement of surgery



Designed to provide volume in dynamic extended areas such as the cheeks and facial contours.

Natural lifting effect & long-lasting results


To build or restore volume in areas like the cheekbones and chin and jawline

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Results can be seen 9-18 months later. Repeat treatment will then be required.

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Side effects.

As with any medical procedure there are some risks involved. Most treatments go very well with  dermal fillers but there may be  side effects and risks such as





Pinpoint bleeding at injection site.


These side effects are temporary and transient and may last a few days to a week.

We shall provide you with an aftercare advice sheet via email  following your treatment.

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The following applies:

Avoid Make up for 24 hours
Avoid extreme heat or cold for 2 weeks.
Avoid facials for 2 weeks.

No exercise same day

No saunas or sunbeds.

Do not rub or massage the areas treated

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1.2 cc Teoxane Ultra Deep £260

1.2cc Teoxane RHA 4 £260

Cannula £5

Great combined with

Crows Feet

Botox for crows feet


Great For Between The Eyebrows


Horizontal Creases


underarm Sweating

Great Combined With

Dermal Fillers For Volume Loss

Vectra 3D analysis

Your age is catching up to you and you see it every time you look at your reflection in the mirror. You feel like you are twenty years old on the inside, but the outside is telling you another story. As you age, your skin loses it’s elasticity and healthy glow. You can begin to see hollows, skin that sags, and wrinkles. You want to do something about the effects of ageing, and by combining dermal fillers with botulinum toxin could give you the results you have been looking for and also give you more youthful skin that is sure to make you smile.

By having some treatment to the areas of concern such as botox for crows feet can help soften the lines and prevent new lines from forming.

Let us capture your images on our Vectra 3D analysis Tayside’s only clinic to offer this photography. We can take images in 3D to allow you to see what we can achieve before the treatment.

Used by the top clinics in the UK and USA we are always at the forefront of the industry

How Can Dermal Fillers Help You?

Dermal fillers are injected into areas of concern to add volume, and also help to smooth the lines in your face. They can be used on the lips and around the mouth to provide fullness and address lines that form, giving the mouth a pinched appearance. Use both in combination for results that last longer and look natural.

Starting from as little as £175


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