Scars, whether they are caused by skin trauma or post-surgery scarring, are a common problems for many patients. Stretchmarks are also a common complaint, mostly affecting women and men and happen when the skin expands rapidly. ENDYMED’s fractional technologies improve the appearance and reduce scars and stetchmarks non-invasively, with no risk and minimal downtime.

Excellent treatment for skin laxity, deep lines and wrinkles as well as tightening to the face, neck and jowls.

Endymed Intensif is a minimally invasive procedure that combines microneedling and radiofrequency to improve your skin’s texture so it is great for scarring and stretch marks. . It works by transmitting heat into the dermis, which triggers the natural healing process.

Your deep skin layers are gradually heated during the procedure, while the skin’s surface remains around 100° F. The Intensif’s Fractionated Pulse Mode allows it to deliver consistent and controlled energy flow with every pulse, making it safer and more effective.

Also, these microneedles are tiny, just 300 microns thin. The size results in minimal discomfort while penetrating the skin tissue at unparalleled depths.

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This is the ultimate treatment for deep lines and skin laxity, working to remodel the skin’s underlying structure and restoring its vitality and radiance.

Endymed Intensif treatments are more effective than regular microneedling therapies due to the unique technology it uses. The process is quick and nearly painless. Additionally, it is apt for the face or body and all skin types.

Endymed Intensif can reduce the appearance of:

deep wrinkles

acne scars

traumatic scars

stretch marks

dilated pores


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Face, Cheeks, Jawline,Chin.

Flanks, Stomach, Legs, Buttocks

Chest. Decollotage, Neck


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The areas are numbed prior to the treatment for approx 45 min. This ensures the treatment is comfortable. We will treat the area of concern every month until the desired effects are achieved. 

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We advise a course of 3 taken one month apart however benefits will be sen after one session. 

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The skin will be red and hot like sunburn and this may last a few hours. You may develop slight micro crusting however there is no need to take time off work. We will give you adequate aftercare to apply at home. 

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Face £950 Course of 3

Face and Neck. Course of 3 £1200

Stretch marks. Course of 3 £1200

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