Hydrafacial- Experience the Next Level of Skin Rejuvenation.

At Renu Skin + Surgical Clinic , we are dedicated to offering our clients an unparalleled HydraFacial experience that stands out in Tayside.  Our commitment to excellence, innovative treatments, and impeccable customer satisfaction sets us apart, ensuring that every visit leaves you feeling rejuvenated, radiant, and completely satisfied.

Why Choose Us for Your HydraFacial Needs?

Innovative Technology Meets Personalised Care: Our HydraFacial goes beyond the ordinary by incorporating advanced radio frequency (RF) technology. This unique combination not only deeply cleanses and exfoliates but also delivers a tighter, more youthful complexion through enhanced collagen production. Unlike standard treatments, our RF-enhanced facial offer a multifaceted approach to skin care that addresses a wide range of concerns, from fine lines and wrinkles to loss of elasticity and tone.

Tailored Treatments for Unparalleled Results: Understanding that each skin type is unique, our expert aestheticians customise every treatment to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking hydration, anti-aging solutions, or a radiant glow, our tailored approach guarantees optimal results that truly make a difference.

A Commitment to Your Skin’s Health and Well-being: We believe in nurturing your skin’s health from the inside out. That’s why our treatments are designed to be as beneficial as they are relaxing. With the addition of radio frequency, we offer a therapeutic experience that revitalises your skin’s appearance while promoting its overall health.

Hydrafacial Platinum + RF + Dermalux

Hydrafacial Signature. This express facial does not include lymphatic, RF or Dermalux 20 min.

1. Mild Redness: Some individuals may experience temporary redness immediately after the Hydrafacial treatment, which typically subsides within a few hours. 2. Sensitivity: If you have highly sensitive skin, you may experience mild discomfort during the treatment. Our skilled estheticians will adjust the intensity of the procedure to ensure your comfort.

Contraindications: While the treatment  is suitable for most skin types, there are a few contraindications to consider. This treatment may not be recommended if you have active rashes, sunburns, open wounds, or severe rosacea. Additionally, if you are pregnant or have a history of certain skin conditions, it is essential to consult with our professionals before undergoing the treatment.

Why Settle for Less?

When it comes to choosing the best HydraFacial in Dundee, the choice is clear. Renu Skin Clinic  offers a superior experience with the added benefits of radio frequency technology, all backed by a flawless satisfaction record. Don’t settle for anything less than the exceptional care and transformative results you deserve.

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Hydrafacial Platinum + Radio Frequency  £130

Hydrafacial Signature £95





Treatment Time

70 min

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  • Fabulous looking clinic with service to match! Outstanding Hydrafacial yet again. Thanks Maja.  
    Gillian Grant Client
  • Amazing every time. The results are better time and time again. Maja is the best at Hydrafacials . Thanks again
    Sarah Lindsay Client
  • Cant speak Highly enough about the RE-NU Skin Clinic , Kristeen is such a professional I wouldn’t go any where else. The Platinum Hydrafacial and radio frequency was the best combined facial.
    Lynne Robertson Client