ThermaVein® offers the instant, safe treatment for red thread veins often referred to as  thread veins or spider veins and medically referred to as “telangiectasia”. ThermaVein® delivers a fast and effective walk in walk out total solution for the treatment of red veins and vascular blemishes.

ThermaVein uses a sterile, single use, fine needle probe (0.3mm), which is insulated to protect the skin, to deliver a controlled microwave current treatment

The 4Mhz current is used worldwide and is registered for the treatment of telangiectasia.

The big difference between ThermaVein and other treatments is the current. The low current means that it does not coagulate the blood making it safe and effective.

The current travels for approximately 3mm, (a similar size to a grain of sand or the head of a pin), causing the vein to close.

The needle is housed and held in place by the ThermaVein pen, which has a very simple push button load system, and is a handheld device operated by our trained practitioner.

Red thread veins are cosmetically unsightly and are too fine to be treated in the same way as larger veins. Our ThermaVein® thermo-coagulation device offers a complete solution, is a totally safe treatment, is clinically proven and is permanent.

Equipped with a polarisation light system our practitioner introduces a fine needle over the red thread vein and in most cases it disappears instantaneously. There is no bandaging required.

Unlike IPL and Lasers, ThermaVein® cannot cause loss of pigmentation. It treats red spots, a variety of vascular blemishes and troublesome red veins.

The sterile needle, for single use, is covered with an insulating sheath which protects the skin, enabling a targeted action, delivering the treatment with precison.


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The treatment takes around 15 minutes and involves a fine (hair-like) needle being inserted into each red thread vein being treated. Our practitioner wears a very high powered magnifying glass system to enable the areas to be treated to be clearly visualised. The Thermavein machine then delivers a microwave pulse that causes thermal (heat) damage to the vein or area being treated resulting in it disappearing. Once treated the same vein should not return. Especially effective for treating rosacea along with a ZO skin health programme.

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Thermavein treatment can treat facial thread veins. Once treated, the vein should not come back (however, new veins may always arise adjacent to the treated spider vein).

The treatment itself is quick and very effective. The treatment can also be repeated on many different areas of the body such as the face , chest and arms., If the areas to treat are large then several treatments sessions are advised as we can only perform a maximum time.


Simple and affordable procedure

Face + Body

For men and women

Relatively painless


No bandaging


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Rosacea is a common but poorly understood chronic skin condition mainly affecting the face. The main symptom being episodes of flushing.

Other signs may include spots and persistent redness of their skin, small blood vessels becoming visible and in severe cases, the skin can thicken and enlarge, usually on and around the nose.

There is no cure for rosacea, but treatments are available to control the symptoms.We first need to control the inflammation before a thermavein treatment therefore we would offer ZO Skin Normalising system prior to treating the broken vessels. Treating the vessels without the inflammation will not give as an effective  outcome. We then offer a course of ongoing Dermalux treatments to help control the redness. 

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Milia Milia occur when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of the skin. Keratin is a strong protein that’s typically found in skin
tissues, hair, and nail cells.

Campbell de Morgans- also known as cherry angiomas, are common,
benign skin lesions formed by proliferating, dilated capillaries and postcapillary venules.      

Poikiloderma- most frequently seen on the chest or the neck, characterized by red colored pigment on the skin that is commonly associated with sun damage.  

Sebaceous hyperplasia–  enlarged sebaceous glands seen on the
forehead or cheeks

 Syringoma-s a non-cancerous (benign) bump, usually found on the
upper cheeks and lower eyelids of young adults.   All types of warts including common, seborrhoeic, plantar (verruca)   Rosacea-a rash that looks similar to acne, but on a red background.  

Spider Naevus – a single red spot with little “arms” coming out from it.  

Solar Keratosis-bumpy or raised areas of the skin which are also scaly to look at and feel. These are usually found in older people and are associated with exposure to the sun.

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Thread veins are caused by many internal and external factors including;


Hormonal changes

Sun damage



Standing or sitting for long periods of time

Wearing tight clothing




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There is no particular care that we ask after the treatment is performed other than ensuring you do not expose the treated area/s to direct sunlight and avoid saunas/steamrooms as well as vigorous activities for a few days post treatment. 

We also advise you that you MUST wear a high SPF of 50 every day post treatment and we can recommend a full UVA/UVB/HEV light broad spectrum cream.

The area treated becomes crusty and some oozing and swelling is normal post procedure . We advise a product like our repair balm.  We advise never to pick the area of crust off which may give rise to infection or pigmentation. Side effects can last anywhere from 24 hours to several weeks/months depending on skin type and area treated. Treating the eye area can result in oedema lasting several days. Post treatment we use our award winning dermalux LED to quickly heal the skin.



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Thermavein has one of the most successful rates and better than laser or IPL and with less treatments. The results are predictable and reliable for thread vein treatment on the face and body as well as other areas treated. Occasionally there may be the need to repeat the areas and this will be explained to you at the consulation .

Although Thermavein is a very safe treatment, there are some people who should avoid it and we won’t treat.

Further treatments on the face can be carried out after 28 days.ThermaVein thermo-coagulation has a very good success rate and usually succeeds in its purpose, as with all cosmetic procedures it cannot be guaranteed.




How we determine our costs per treatment.

Small areas: £195. Includes 20 min Dermalux ( RRP £35)


Milia under eyes/ above eyes/cheeks



Large areas: £345 with 20 min Dermalux + REPAIR BALM ( RECOVERY CREAM)

Full face


Cheeks + Chin

Cheeks + Chin + Nose




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Pregnant women

Epileptic patients

People who have applied fake tan

As long as you are generally healthy and don’t have any skin diseases or active infections in the area treated, there are few medical reasons why you should not undergo this treatment.

ThermaVein thermo-coagulation is contra-indicated in people who:

Suffer from infectious skin conditions.

Have a pacemaker.

Take anti-coagulants ( INR must be in good range and at the discretion of the Nurse). 


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