During your dermatology consultation using Foto Finder, the following steps typically will take place:

1. Patient History: Our Dermatology Nurse will begin the consultation by gathering information about your medical history, including any previous skin conditions, allergies, medications, or treatments you have undergone. Our nurse will also ask about your lifestyle, occupation, and any specific concerns or symptoms you are experiencing.

2. Visual Examination: Our Nurse will perform a visual examination of your skin, looking for any visible signs of skin conditions, lesions, moles, or irregularities.

3. We use the Foto Finder imaging system to capture high-resolution images of your skin. Foto Finder uses specialised cameras and software to document and analyse your skin’s condition in detail. The system can capture standardized photos of specific areas or the entire body, depending on the purpose of the consultation.

4. Image Analysis: Once the images are captured, our Nurse will use the Foto Finder software to analyze and evaluate your lesions. The software can measure and monitor various aspects of your skin, such as pigmentation, texture, wrinkles, moles, and blood vessels. It can also help detect any changes over time by allowing side-by-side comparisons of images taken at different intervals.

5. Diagnosis and Treatment Plan: Based on the visual examination and analysis of the Foto Finder images, our Nurse will provide a diagnosis and recommend an appropriate treatment plan. We will discuss the findings with you, explain any concerns or conditions detected, and answer any questions you have.

The cost of your consultation is £135. 

Lesion/s  sent to a Consultant Dermatologist with results within 2-3 days cost

Extra tests carried out in the consultation are not included in the price.

Diagnosis from Dermatologist – £50 per lesion + report

Prescriptions £25- Private

Treatment – Discussed at consultation

It’s worth noting that the specific process may vary depending on the Nurses  preferences and the purpose of the consultation. Foto Finder is just one of the tools available to our Nurse for comprehensive skin analysis and documentation.

Should we find any suspicious lesions we will advise you that they should be send to our Dermatologist for a 2nd opinion and diagnosis. This will then return and emailed to your GP practice with a report  for the best course of action. You will also be advised to contact your GP. We do to carry out biopsies or any treatment on suspicion lesions.

If we are able to remove the lesions and deemed benign then this will be discussed and booked into our minor surgical clinical days. 

We carry out Mole/s, Skin Tags, Cherry Angioma, Warts, Cysts, Lipoma, Fibromas, as well as many other benign lesions. 

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Dermatology Foto Finder is a revolutionary imaging system used in the field of dermatology to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of various skin conditions. It combines cutting-edge technology with advanced software to provide high-resolution images of the skin, allowing dermatologists to analyze and monitor changes in the skin over time.

The primary purpose of Dermatology Foto Finder is to capture detailed images of the skin, including moles, lesions, and other skin abnormalities. These images are then stored securely in a digital database, enabling your specialist Nurse to compare images and track any changes that may occur during subsequent appointments. This technology is particularly useful for monitoring suspicious moles or lesions that may indicate the presence of skin cancer.

One of the key benefits of Dermatology Foto Finder is its ability to provide accurate and objective documentation of skin conditions. By capturing standardized images, your Nurse can more effectively assess the evolution of a skin condition and make informed decisions regarding treatment plans. The system also facilitates better communication between healthcare providers, as the images can be easily shared and discussed among specialists.

Moreover, Dermatology Foto Finder helps in educating patients about their skin conditions. By visualizing their skin abnormalities on a computer screen, patients gain a better understanding of their condition, its progression, and the treatment options available. This visual representation enhances patient engagement and promotes a collaborative approach between the dermatologist and the patient.

In addition to the diagnostic benefits, Dermatology Foto Finder contributes to the field of research and training. The vast database of captured images can be used for data analysis, clinical studies, and training future dermatologists. It enables the development of algorithms for automated image analysis, which may help streamline the diagnostic process and improve accuracy in the future.

Dermatology Foto Finder is a powerful tool that enhances the practice of dermatology. It enables precise documentation, facilitates accurate diagnosis, supports treatment planning, and promotes patient education. By leveraging advanced imaging technology, your specialist can improve patient outcomes, detect skin cancer at an early stage, and provide more effective and personalised care.

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Kristeen Geddes is a RGN Independent Prescriber with a special interest in skin. She has undertaken specialist training in identifying skin lesions using dermatoscope. She has a MSc and PGd in Clinical Dermatology and has undertaken her minor surgical course as well as her dermatoscope training with the University of Cardiff. 

When a referral is required this will be made to your own GP. All lesions that are suspicious are sent to a Dermatologist ( please see costs for this) for  a 2nd opinion and diagnosis sent via report. Your lesions are photographed and a full report is sent with attached photographs to the GP on arrival . 

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Our dermatology consultations are for those looking for the following:

Mole checks

Mole removal

Seborrhea Keratosis 

Skin Tags

Warts/Filiform warts

Sebacious Hyperplasia

Fibrous Papules



We do not carry out consultations for skin concerns such as eczema/psoriosis/dermatitis etc. We can refer you to a private dermatologist to discuss those skin concerns. For acne/rosacea/pores/milia/pigmentation please book a skin consultation.

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The cost of your consultation is £135. 

At your appointment our Dermatology Nurse will check lesions . Lesions are classed as moles/seb.keratosis/skin tags/fibromas/warts etc.

Our Nurse will use state off the are foto finder to look under dermatoscope to check for any abnormalities seen in lesions. Photos will be taken and if deemed to be sent to a consultant dermatologist this will cost £35 per lesion . The 1st lesion check is included in the cost of the consultation. Once a report from he Nurse has been sent to the Dermatologist a diagnosis as well as a differential diagnosis will be made. this will then be sent to the clinic and contacted to discuss the results.

Extra tests carried out in the consultation are not included in the price.

Diagnosis from Dermatologist – £35 per lesion + report

Prescriptions £25- Private

Treatment – Discussed at consultation .

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