Transform Your Appearance with PDO Thread Lift: The Ultimate Solution for Sagging Skin


In the modern pursuit of youthful and rejuvenated skin, PDO (Polydioxanone) thread lift emerges as a revolutionary, minimally invasive procedure designed to lift and tighten sagging skin without the need for traditional surgery. At Renu, we specialise in transforming appearances with this cutting-edge technique, offering our patients a path to regain confidence and vitality in their looks.


PDO threads are biodegradable fibers that are gently inserted into the skin to promote a lifting and tightening effect. Made from the same material used in medical sutures, these threads dissolve naturally over time, stimulating collagen production and enhancing skin elasticity. This innovative approach provides an immediate lifting effect while encouraging long-term rejuvenation.

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The PDO thread lift procedure is uniquely effective for correcting sagging skin across the face, neck, and even the body. Here’s how it can help:

  • Immediate Lifting: The threads provide an instant lift to the skin, reducing the appearance of sagging and wrinkles.
  • Collagen Stimulation: Over time, the threads stimulate collagen production, a key protein that keeps skin youthful, firm, and elastic.
  • Minimal Downtime: Unlike traditional facelifts, the PDO thread lift requires minimal recovery time, allowing patients to return to their daily activities with renewed confidence.

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While the PDO thread lift is safe and effective, some patients may experience minor side effects, such as swelling, bruising, or discomfort at the insertion sites. These symptoms are typically mild and resolve within a few days post-procedure.

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At Renu, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalised care tailored to each patient’s unique needs. We use the latest techniques and highest quality threads to ensure your safety and satisfaction with the results.

Making an Informed Decision

Choosing to undergo a PDO thread lift is a personal decision that can significantly impact your appearance and self-esteem. We invite you to schedule a consultation with our experts to discuss your goals, expectations, and whether this procedure is right for you.

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You will be advised to stop OTC supplements like omega 3 or high doses fit c etc  at least 5 days before your procedure, along with anything else that may increase the risk of bleeding or bruising, such as:

  • Aspirin and ibuprofen
  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • green tea or green tea extracts

On the day of your procedure, your Nurse will talk you through the potential complications and give you advice about your recovery.

The day of your procedure

  1. You will be treated in our day surgery suite which is fully adapted to meet Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s strict criteria. This is an invasive procedure that requires a complete sterile environment with the correct ventilation. At Renu we have installed the best for our patients.
  2. You will be given your consent paper to look over and complete prior to the procedure. Your nurse will be in full sterile gown.
  3. As you sit in our comfortable seat, your nurse will disinfect your face with a solution that will kill all microbes that may be present on the skin. This is a sterile procedure. You will then be injected with a local anaesthetic that contains no adrenaline into the areas to be treated for comfort.
  4. Your nurse will make a small incision with another needle and then insert a device called a cannula into the small hole.
  5. Your nurse will anchor the thread into place and pull out the cannula.
  6. This is then finished by cutting the thread and making sure it’s secure in place.

You’ll be free to go home shortly after the procedure and be given aftercare. You will return to the clinic in 8 weeks time for a review. You will be required to wear a surgical garment for approx 1 week throughout periods of the day or evening to reduce swelling. This also helps give better support whilst you heal. 

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  1. Numbness should wear off between 2-3 hours. Avoid opening your mouth widely and be gentle with your face until the numbness is gone.

  2. Once the lidocaine wears off, you will feel soreness, tightness, and tenderness over the threads. You may take paracetamol for discomfort.

  3. If you touch over the threads area, you will be sore until they fully incorporate and soften. You will likely be most comfortable sleeping on your back the first few days. Any direct pressure onto your face directly over the threads will be sore for about two weeks.

  4. It is common to feel some tugging as you move the treated area. This gradually diminishes and is usually minor by two weeks. If the threads are anchored below your mouth, you will feel tugging with chewing, speaking, and laughing. You will want to avoid widely opening your mouth for two weeks while the threads are incorporating. You should avoid eatingitems that require lots of chewing or widely opening your mouth for two weeks.

  5. Try not to over animate (such as big wide smiles and large yawns) during the first few days as it is possible to pull the anchor of the thread, which would feel like a snap or pop. It can diminish your result if this happens, but it isn’t dangerous.

Try not to touch your entry point for 48 hours. You do not need to apply antibiotic ointment. Do not pick at the tiny scab that will form at the entry point. 

  1. You may put isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip and gently rub the site if it itches. Do not apply makeup over the entry point until it is completely healed. Stay out of swimming pools, hot tubs,  until your entry sites are healed over. This will likely take 1-2 weeks.

  2. You may shower the next morning. Let the shampoo and soap wash over the entry point/s. Avoid getting creams, lotions, hair products, or makeup onto the entry point/s.

  3. Infection is very rare and but when it occurs, it usually starts about five days after a procedure. It can also occur later from another source, such as strep throat or a dental infection. If you develop new swelling, worsened tenderness, or redness after the initial swelling starts to subside, please get in touch with us immediately so that we can see you in clinic. 

  4. Avoid any unnecessary dental procedures for two weeks. Of course, if you develop a dental infection, you should treat that immediately. If you develop a dental infection and are having a problem getting in with your dentist, contact us for antibiotics. It’s important to treat bacterial infections promptly.

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Price at consultation depending on area and threads used.

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