Our signature ‘Anti-Age Facial ‘ uses active ingredients to treat the signs of skin ageing, winkles, coupe rose skin as well as loss of elasticity. It is intended for skin that is in need of hydration, firmness, strengthening and firming as well as after sun exposure.

This facial will delay the ageing process and improve self defence mechanisms of the skin.

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This absolute luxury facial detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin as well as improvement in skin elasticity. The skin becomes much brighter  and your skin tone is smoother with a clear complexion. This is an extremely powerful anti-ageing treatment to reinforce the functions of the immunes system through a very strong anti-oxidant effect. This facial also results in shallower wrinkles


For Mature skin

Couperose skin

Skin in desperate need of rejuvenation

Skin firming

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This 70 min luxury treatment uses the following steps.

Treatment Scheme

Your treatment begins with a cleanse to the face, neck and neckline with anti-age milk and steam applied.

Our enzymatic peel is applied on your skin for 5 minutes.Our famous Fraicheur ice globes are applied to perform a massage to the neck, shoulder and decolletage.  

The enzymatic peel is removed with hot towels and  Anti-age tonic is applied.

The area around the eyes are applied with our Anti-Age Eye cream.

Then we apply a lightly warmed Anti-Age Peat mud mask over a facial  gauze and 

this is covered with cling film (amazing on the skin)

 We then perform a hand massage whilst the mask is doing the goodness.

This is then removed  with hot towels.

You will then have some  Anti-Age Immune oxygenating serum applied to the skin with the amazing Norel Lift Massage

We then apply an Anti-Age White Team mask + peel off algae mask

We then perform a shoulder massage for 10 min whilst mask on 

The mask residue is washed off and you then experience the award winning Dermalux for 15 min.

Once removed from the Dermalux we apply a selected Anti-Age Cream 

for the face and for the eyes.

Your luxury treatment has ended and your skin is now glowing.

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As a therapy consisting of 6 treatments, two treatments per week. Afterwards uphold the effect by 1-2 treatments per month. As a long term anti ageing facial perfom monthly.

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Per facial £90 single 

A course of 3 facials  upfront £255 ( £85 each)

A course of 6 facials upfront  £480 (£80 each)

A course of 8 facials upfront  £600 (£75 each)

We offer a package for our facials paying via Go Cardless monthly.

12 x facials worth £1080

12  Dermalux LED worth £420

6 x Endymed Skin Tightening worth £570

Total Package worth £2070

Pay £90 per month 

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