Lip Fillers

Lip fillers

Lip Fillers, also called lip enhancement or augmentation, can help to restore volume to the lips as well as create a natural cupids bow and philtrim.


A  lip filler treatment is long-lasting but non-permanent, and this allows you to change your look over time. All our lip filler treatments are always aimed to give a natural result.



Having a defined lip line accentuates your lips without changing your appearance too much and our Teoxnae or Restylane lip filler range gives your lip enhancement a natural and smooth result.

If you wish for a fuller more plump lip you could combine this treatment by adding volume to your upper and lower lip still giving a natural look.



Not everyone wants fuller lips and you may wish for a more defined cupid’s bow to define the shape of your upper lip. Our Restylane and Teoxnae range gives you the option to choose.



If you wish to have  fuller lips or you are aiming  just want to balance an irregularity our Restylane or Teoxane range can help you change as much or as little as you like. It could be just a small amount of volume or more if you prefer and usually around 1 ml to start with is enough. You may wish to return around 4 weeks later to add in some more.


Peri Oral Lines

We can treat the peri oral area with our range or Restylane or Teoxnae fillers to soften and improve. Often combined with improving the shape of the lip or can be treated individually.

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We use a wide variety of dermal lip fillers at our clinic. If you have a preference please specify at the time of your consultation

We use Restylane products especially made for the lip area. We also use Teoxane 0.7cc Kiss. Teoxane RHA 2 and Teoxane RHA 3

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When you have treatment for dermal lip fillers we will apply a topical anaesthetic to the lip and surrounding area for approx 15 min. We have also invested in the latest cooling machine called the cryo 6. This will allow you to have a constant cooling sensation on the lips as the injector carries out the procedure (if required). The benefits of the cry0 6 are immense.

With a  -30 degree air blowing onto your lips you are constantly being numbed and swelling is reduced at the same time. Our patients using the cryo machine have commented how comfortable the procedure is and with little or no swelling the following few days after their procedure.

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The procedure time is around 45-60 min

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We cannot treat the following




Those prone to keloid scarring

Coldsores at the time of treatment or skin open wounds at the area

Auto Immune Disorders

Full medical consultation will determine if suitable

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There is always risks involved in having a procedure. Having a lip filler treatment carried out by a qualified medical professional such as a Registered Nurse in a registered Healthcare Improvement Scotland clinic is essential.

Our injector has 14 years experience in treating lip augmentation and teaches other medical professionals at her training academy in Dundee.


Our clinic is HIS regulated and our injector has won numerous awards.

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Side effects from lip dermal fillers are (1 in 10)






A full explanation of all side effects will be given at your consultation.

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The cost of Dermal Lip Fillers range in price

1cc Restylane £250

1cc Teoxane RHA 2  £250

1cc Teoxane RHA 3 £250

1cc Teoxane KISS (Larger Volume) £250

0.7cc Teoxane Kiss £190

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