This innovative anti ageing treatment is for mature skin over the age of 35 treating hyperpigmentation,wrinkles, loss of firmness and rough skin. It also offers strengthening to collagen and elasticity of the skin. 

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Treatment Indications: 45 min Treatment, 20 Min Dermalux ( Wellness area)
Any type of mature skin over the age of 35.
Signs of photo-ageing, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, loss of firmness.
Skin exposed to accelerated ageing, smokers skin, stress, polluted environment.
Discoloration and uneven skin tone.
Calloused and rough skin.
Treatment Results:
Rejuvenation and renewal of damaged skin.
Improved skin texture, visible smoothing and exfoliation of the outer layer of skin.
Narrowing of enlarged pores.
Reduction of wrinkles and furrows.
Effects of a mild facelift.
Strengthening and rejuvenation of collagen and hyaluronic acid giving an increase in density and elasticity of the skin.
Brighter and lighter skin.
Luminous and radiant skin.

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Preperation Phase- To open the pores and prepeare the skin for the active peeling agents first we need you to use the Dermalux. This is prepared for you in the wellness area. Usually the Dermalux is the last steps in your facial but the peeling agents applied need the light first. Make up can be removed in the wellness area with our selection of hot towels.
Preperation Phase Continued…. Into one of the treatment rooms, your therapist will fully cleanse and exfoliat the skin under hot steam and removed with hot towels.
Active Phase- We apply 25% phytic acid to the entire face and neck area. The face is then covered with a transparent foil and left on the skin for 10 min. You are then given a shoulder massage with the ice globes. We do not rinse the face but apply several drops of our Renew Extreme 10% Vit C brightening serum and then Renew Extreme 5% retinol H10 rejuvenation serum.
Stabilization Phase: We appy a smoothing mask with silk proteins for 10 min to the skin and again you are given a further massage and ice globes.
Final Phase: We apply more products as well as SPF.

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Treatment Frequency: As a series of 3-8. One every 10 days if treating specific disease or as required.

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Cost per single treatment £90.
Course of 3 treatments £255 ( £85 per facial) Paid upfont
Course of 6 treatments £480 ( £80 per facial) Paid upfront
Course of 8 treatments £600 ( £75 per facial) Paid upfront

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