Your Consultation

Your Consultation


Before you undergo any procedure, you will be required to attend a consultation with our surgeon who will carry it out. This is important so that our surgeon is aware of your personal expectations and queries.
During your consultation, you will be given the time to discuss, in detail, the results you wish to achieve, also, if you have any fears or concerns, this is the time to make them known so that our surgeon can reassure you and answer any your questions. This ensures that you are fully educated as to exactly what you are committing yourself to so you can guarantee that you are making the correct decision.
Examination and Medical Background.
Our surgeon will use the consultation time to perform an appropriate examination to ensure that you are in good health and a suitable candidate for the procedure. This is the time when the surgeon will question you on your medical history so it is important that you enclose as many details as possible as it may affect the outcome of your surgery.
Any health questions asked should be answered as accurately as possible and if you can, you may wish to bring copies of any medical records that you hold. You should make our surgeon aware of any allergies that you have as well as any medications you are taking at present, whether you are a smoker and if you consume any vitamins.
The Purpose of a Consultation
By attending a consultation with our surgeon, you can work as a team to develop a personal plan that will accommodate your needs and desires. Our surgeon will also take sufficient time to explain all the options, techniques used and potential risks associated with your surgery. You will be supplied with some leaflets and brochures to take home to read for further information and perspective.

Cooling off period.

Our clinic and surgeon follow new guidelines this year from the GMC.

The Key points in the new guidance are our doctors will follow are :

  • We will be open and honest with our patients and not trivialise the risks involved.
  • We will give patients enough time and information before they decide whether to have a cosmetic procedure and allow them time to ‘cool off’.( minimum 2 weeks)
  • We will ask our patients to tell them us how they have been affected by a cosmetic procedure, both physically and psychologically, and check whether you are satisfied with the outcome.W
  • We take particular care when working with children and young people – and we will  not target people under 18 through marketing and minors and we would seek additional advice from professionals whose expertise is in treating young people.
  • We will seek  patient’s consent themselves rather than delegate it.
  • We market our services responsibly; we would never  make unjustifiable claims about the results you can achieve and we will  not use promotional tactics that encourage you to make ill-considered decisions. For example, procedures given away as a prize.

If you procedure requires a general anaesthetic this will be undertaken at Fernbrae Private Hospital in Dundee

Cost of Consultation £120

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