Skin Consultation

The Skin Consultation Process.

All of our Skin Consultations now come with a complimentary 20 min Dermalux Facial worth £35. Your skin consultation includes the following:

1. Full ZO GSR ( getting skin ready)

( worth £3 per application )

2. Visia Skin Analysis 

( worth £40/only one in Dundee)

3. ZO Skin Bar

( our library of ZO products)

4. 20 Min Dermalux

( worth £35)

5. Advice from ZO Experts and prescription

(Cost of Skin Consultation =£40)


Your journey to great skin starts with a skin consultation with one of our skin specialists. Healthy skin is even toned, firm, smooth, strong, hydrated and free from disease.  To achieve this we carry out a 45 min consultation that will include a skin analysis with our Visia Skin Analysis machine. A series of professional photographs are taken throughout your journey with a complimentary visit at week 6 of commencing on a treatment programme if required.  This is to monitor and  discuss your goals and needs. Complimentary Visia given on any course of treatments and a programme of at least the ZO Fundamental 5 or equivalent for 18 weeks.

What Happens During Your Consultation?

As part of our commitment to your heath our practitioners will ask you some questions about your medical history & lifestyle.  You will also be asked to complete a series of medical forms and sign a consent. Your consultation will start with a light cleanse with a ZO Skin health wash to remove all traces of make up followed by the ZO exfoliation polish and complexion pad.  This is in order for our practitioner  to fully assess the face.   Your consultation is  bespoke to you and and will all be held in a private treatment room. Depending on your concern, the treating practitioner may refer you onto our clinical nurse for prescription treatments or we may refer you to a dermatologist.

After your skin has been cleansed a series of 9 photographs will be taken using our state of the art visia skin analysis. We will then discuss the results with you and the best treatment modalities that best suit the results given. Included within your skin consultation is:

Next our co-ordinator will take you to our ZO Skin Lab area that is situated within the main area of the clinic. Our state of the art iPads are set up from ZO skin Health and we will discuss the results of the analysis and explain about the products we advise. Once we have given the information we will then have you use our Dermalux for 20 min FOC.

You will be given a ZO programme, recommendations from the Visia . We will give you a cooling off period and all price guide are given with you.

ZO Skin Classification

We are leaders in ZO Dr Zein Obagi skin health and we utilise Dr Obagi’s protocols to treat the skin. Our Nurse is on the UK faculty for ZO for her knowledge and experience is the best in the UK

During your 45 min consultation we will focus on selecting the correct protocols to match your exact needs and skin type using our analysis report .We will devise protocols for you and this may include skin conditioning before a series of skin peels depending on your skin concerns.  You will be guided by our practitioners and given some reading to take home with you to understand the programme. When we treat the skin we are taking it back to a healthy state and in order to achieve this your skin will go through many changes.

We are treating the skin with medical grade protocols that work to cellular level which is very different to your over the counter skin products. It will take 5 months of daily use of our skin health restoration programme to fully repair the skin. The first 6 weeks of our programme will see you’re skin going through some side effects such as




Flaking Skin.

This is classed as Phase 1 the repair phase. We then follow onto Phase 2 and Phase 3 and maintenance.

Our Clinical Nurse Kristeen has been personally taught under the guidance of Dr Zein Obagi where she learnt his protocols in his everley Hills institute on 9-15th February 2017. All of our practitioners are trained to intermediate and advanced level.

Renu Has Redefined The Vision of Skin Care!


Renu Skin Clinic is proud to present to you the all new The all new VISIA Complexion Analysis System. This amazing system delivers an amazing experience like no other which will deliver better aesthetic and skin care consultations for our clients.  Our system rotates  smoothly around the entire face, greatly simplifying the imaging process.

Skin Consultation- We Capture High Quality Facial Images


Our VISIA’s multi-point positioning system and live image overlay means  it is  easy to capture perfectly registered images that document progress over time. The Rotating  module  captures left, right and frontal facial views giving our practitioner a better consultation.


Our IntelliFlash®, cross-polarised and UV lighting are used to record and measure your surface and subsurface skin conditions. The UV photography provides us with the most complete data set available for sun damage assessment and analysis, including UV fluorescence imaging to reveal porphyrins.


The technology separates the unique colour signatures of Red and Brown skin components for unequaled visualisation of conditions that result in colour concentration, such as thread veins,  pigmentation, inflammation as well as other dermatological skin  conditions.

Skin Consultation- Clear Communication

We will then select the best  recommendations from the built-in library of skin care products from ZO as well as the best treatments. Our staff will advise the best rejuvenation and skin care treatments more effectively with our clear recommendations on our analysis results. Your personalised printed report will record easy to understand information for you to take home.



Skin Consultation Visualise the skin’s surface in three dimensions from any angle, rendered in natural skin tone, colour relief, or Gray scale.


Skin Consultation- Zip through repeatable facial imaging for photo documentation without pausing to process the images. Analysis may be performed later, if desired.


Skin Consultation- Simulate the ageing process to show clients older or younger by 5-7 years for spots, wrinkles or both.


Automatic detection of the client’s skin type for streamlined image processing and feature analysis.

If you would like to have your skin/aesthetic consultation transformed like no other please call us today to book your hour 30 min time slot.  There is no better way to communicate with a you about your skin conditions and the treatment options.

Cost per consultation. 

Kristeen Geddes RGN NIP BA BSc (Dermatology) PGd (Clinical Dermatology) £50

Aestheticians £40

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Treating Pigmentation

3 skin cycles 18 weeks. Client now on maintenance programme



Treating acne and pigmentation