PRP Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary urination caused by a weak or overactive bladder muscles. This condition can cause much social anxiety as well as extreme embarrassment.

While many people blame this problem on getting older, the fact is that urinary leakage doesn’t have to be an accepted part of the ageing process.

Generally speaking, urinary incontinence is due to a weakness of pelvic floor muscles as we age. Many women also experience these issues after having a child or multiple children through natural birth.

Loss of urinary control can be caused by numerous  factors. Its cause lies in the muscles that control the flow of your urine. If your bladder contracts without you knowing  or your sphincter muscles can no longer hold back the flow of urine, you can urinate without intending to.

Common causes of female incontinence include:




Urinary tract infections


Certain neurological disorders.

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PRP for urinary incontinence can help women control their flow of urine by rebuilding their body’s own natural collagen and tightening the vaginal tissue.

This natural procedure is actually very simple and quite effective.

The PRP treatment for bladder and vaginal rejuvenation is seen as one of the most reliable, safest and cost-effective treatments available for urinary incontinence in women.

To treat your urinary incontinence, the PRP is injected into  the urethra region releasing growth factors that stimulate your body’s own tissue repair function and regeneration around the bladder.

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We will first give you some numbing cream to apply tot he areas to be injected for comfort. Next we will extract your own blood and centrifuge this to give us the platelets. This will then be injected into the areas to be treated. The whole procedure takes no longer than 60 min and you may go back to work the same day. 

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Risks of the procedure are some bruising and infection .

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A course of 3 is the optimal plan

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1 x session £499

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