Smokers Lines


Smokers Lines


Lips and the perioral area are of outstanding importance in youthful appearance, attractiveness, and beauty.

Lipstick lines, smokers’ lines, vertical lines — call them what you will, lip lines are one of the signs of ageing you’d rather not have to deal with. Along with crow’s feet and sagging neck skin, they’re a dead giveaway that you’re not really 29.

Lips are a central part of facial aesthetics due to their color, surface texture, and shape. Well defined and full lips represent attractiveness and beauty. Loss of volume and elasticity of the soft tissue, retraction of lip red, bone resorption, loss of teeth, smoking, and ultraviolet exposure contribute to this ageing of the lips and also loss of attractiveness. Furthermore, lips are exposed to irritants and environmental factors that challenge the barrier function of their thin horny layer. The lips are conceived as signs of aging, loss of attractiveness, and fragility.

 Ageing of this area is characterised by fine lines, marionette lines, and flattening of the cupid bow. The philtre becomes longer and ill defined, which contributes to a thinner upper lip. Furthermore, the dynamics of lip movement change with your age. Your smile gets narrower vertically and wider transversely.

Natural ageing plays a part in the formation of these lines, but so do sun damage and cigarette smoke. In fact, these lines are sometimes called smokers’ lines because they’re much more common on people who smoke. Not only does smoking age your skin, but you’re also performing a repeated action — on a consistent basis — that shows wrinkles. The pursing of your lips when you smoke has a long-term effect. The same can also be said for things like drinking through a straw, but people don’t usually have a pack-a-day straw habit.

You can try to fight back with everyday anti-aging measures such as wearing sunscreen and using a good moisturizer, but those do more to prevent damage than to reverse it. You can use various cosmetics that claim to fill in wrinkles, stop lipstick from bleeding and condition lips. But sometimes products you apply to the skin’s surface just aren’t enough to undo the damage and achieve the youthful look you want.

If you’re looking for something more than a great lip balm or nutrition advice, you may be surprised to learn that there are several effective options out there. These include fillers that can be injected into your lips to make them look fuller and fill in lines, and laser treatments that cause your skin to produce brand-new tissue.

We can also use toxins to reduce dynamic lines combined with a new filler by Belotero that works amazing on those dreaded lines.


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