Chin Augmentation


A well-proportioned chin has always been considered a thing of beauty and the exact proportions have been studied and defined by artists and used by aesthetic medical professionals to guide procedures. In a new development, chin augmentation with dermal fillers has become the near instant approach to improve beauty with minimal risk and no down time.

Many patients are unhappy with the shape of their chin and are surprised to learn that this can be quite quickly improved using modern aesthetic techniques. A weak chin can be gently reshaped with a completely natural looking result, while unwanted dimpling can be smoothed out.

Chin filler injections add definition to the chin and lower jawline.

People who are concerned about a recessed chin, a deep dimple in their chin, or mild-to-moderate wrinkles, may benefit from these injections.

These treatments must be repeated periodically.

Chin fillers are generally safe and have a low risk of side effects.


Ideal Candidates for Chin Fillers

People over the age of 18 who would like to better define their jawline, strengthen their chin or fill in wrinkles or lines around the chin are good candidates for chin fillers. They should be in good overall health, have no allergies or health conditions, should not smoke and should be able to take good care of their skin post treatment.

What chin fillers can’t do

Chin fillers can’t correct severely sagging skin or deep wrinkles; instead, fillers are best for mild-to-moderate concerns. If you want more dramatic or permanent corrections, a chin implant might be your best option.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Chin filler injections are similar to other dermal filler procedures. They are performed in a clinical HIS regulated clinic and there is no downtime required.

First we will disinfect the skin in the injection area. We may will also apply a topical anaesthetic such as lidocaine or inject the anaesthetic before beginning your treatment.

You will be positioned upright whilst our Nurse injects the filler, and you will be asked to remain still. During the procedure, you will receive multiple injections in your chin. Afterwards we  will want you to return for a follow-up visit and additional injections until desired results are achieved.

Costs involved in more fillers added in at review where necessary.


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  • Improve the definition of the chin and jaw line.
  • To bring the chin forward and fuller.
  • Lengthen the chin to make the proportions of the face more balanced.
  • Reshape the chin to be more feminine or masculine depending of the patients request.
  • Correct asymmetry of the chin.

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Treatment can last between 9-18 months then a repeat treatment will be required.

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The area injected may have the following:

Minor bruising, swelling, bleeding and redness are normal after you’ve received treatment. These side effects are more likely to occur if you take blood thinners or have a bleeding disorder.

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After your treatment, be sure to avoid direct sunlight, strenuous exercise and heavy physical activity for 24–48 hours. Don’t touch the injection sites, and be sure to keep your skin clean in the treatment area. You can treat discomfort with ice packs or paracetamol

Avoid facials for 2 weeks.

No saunas or sunbeds.

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1.2 cc Teoxane Ultra Deep £275

1.2 cc Teoxane  RHA  £275

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Let us capture your images on our Vectra 3D analysis Tayside’s only clinic to offer this photography. We can take images in 3D to allow you to see what we can achieve before the treatment.

Used by the top clinics in the UK and USA we are always at the forefront of the industry

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Starting from as little as £175


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