Acne/Acne Scarring

Acne / Acne scarring


 At Renu we see a wide range of clients suffering from acne and we know how much acne has an impact your life and self-confidence. Our clients tell us they have tried everything but they still do not have the skin they really want. Our Nurse practitioner has a wealth of experience in treating acne having studied skin conditions since 2011 with a Pad in Clinical Dermatology and a special interest in Acne + Rosacea. 

We are extremely honest when it comes to acne and we advise you the best way to treat it.

Acne is an inflammatory condition that can come in a variety of stages from mild to severe. One of the number one enemies of acne is oil. So you’ve got to get rid of the oil and dead skin daily to avoid clogging pores and to reduce that inflammation. Salicylic acid is an ideal ingredient to help combat adult acne and breakouts. The ranges of skincare we use in clinic  have high concentrations of ingredients like salicylic acid to effectively treat the skin.

Although, sometimes, regardless of diligently sticking to your routine, pimples can still pop up. This could be due to hormones, medication or some other factor out of your control. So, below we expand on a skincare routine formulated by Dr Obagi for both prevention and maintenance, just in case you get that odd pesky breakout.

Treating acne and acne scarring is not an overnight treatment and can take several months in order to keep under control but we are with you throughout your time on one of our acne programmes.

One of our experienced practitioners will assess you and advise the best way forward. If we feel that a referral to a constant dermatologist is required we will refer you on.We treat all types of acne from mild to moderate to severe and we may issue you with a prescription

Acne scarring and Acne is a treatable condition with the correct advice and treatment protocols.

Dermalux LED Phototherapy- Power Protocol 

ZO Skin Health Complexion Clearing Programme + BPO 10%

Tretinoin + or Antibiotics ( Prescribed in clinic)

Acne Facials

Intensif by Endymed for scarring


Battling acne and scarring since the age of 13 led me to learn more about the skin. After completing my degree in general nursing I went on to study further and gained a BSc in Dermatological conditions at Stirling University. After seeing so many of my patients young and old in clinic with acne and scarring, this led me to research Dr Zein Obagi of Beverley Hills and his protocols. Seeing the amazing results that were being achieved with his unique protocols led me to apply to undertake some advanced training at the institute for ZO Skinhealth and ZO Medical

With the knowledge I had already gained from my training with Wigmore medical over the years I wanted to learn from Dr Obagi himself. It was then that I sent my CV to the institute and I was selected from hundreds of applicants to train under his strict guidance .

On 9th February 2017 I flew to Rodeo Drive Beverley Hills where for the next 4 days I would study and learn his protocols on skin health as well as lasers, botox and dermal fillers. Myself and 14 other delegates from all over the world were together to understand Dr Obagi philosophy and skin health and his small numbers meant we got to learn his methods first hand.

At my clinic all of our practitioners are committed to helping you achieve healthy skin that is even toned, firm, smooth, strong, hydrated and free from disease. To achieve this we carry out a full hour consultation that will include a skin analysis with our latest skin scanner along with Dr Obagi’s skin classifications system. A series of professional photographs are taken throughout your journey with regular follow up appointments to discuss your goals and needs.

Our clinic’s progressive ideas have led to the development of more effective protocols and treatments to deliver outstanding results for the face and body. My passion for sharing knowledge in skin has led to some of the most dramatic before and after pictures which I am happy to share in clinic.

My message is simple and direct 

“We cant restore skin health by just products alone, we need to know the correct delivery method to the skin and use them in the most effective way possible, we do this through protocols”

With my dedication I have learnt to achieve the best results and optimise my patients responses and provided the necessary solutions to elevate my patients skin. Based on the latest advances in skin technology from Dr Obagi along with  our clinic’s portfolio of the latest treatments we deliver exceptional results for all skin types, gender, ages and colours.

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