Perk ™

What is Perk


Perk™ the latest addition to the  HydraFacial. Perk  is the world’s first facial exfoliating procedure that is continued at home to prolong your treatment.

Giving you immediate and long lasting results in as little as 10 minutes making it an ideal treatment to have in your lunch hour or before a night out.

When you have lip fillers Perk is  great addition to use in between your 3-6 monthly appointments.

How Does Perk Work?


Perk uses patented Roller Flex technology which will the outermost  surface layer s of your dead skin cells. The roller ball will gently flex the pores ensuring that the absorption of the antioxidant serums are fully administered to the areas treated

We will give you your take home serum to use for the following 30 days enough to keep the skin hydrated and boosted until your next treatment.


How long is each Perk treatment

A single Perk treatment i designed to take less than 10 minutes so it is quick and easy and allows you more time for other things.

Choosing all 3 treatments such as you face, lips and eyes combined in one then  ou will be in clinic for around 30 minutes.

How many treatments do I need?

The recommended treatment is every month as your serums will be running low by this time and it is a good time to rebook your next session. Weekly treatments can be carried out as long as you have had no exfoliation procedures such as microdermabrasion or peels

Using my Perk serums at home?

After cleansing apply your perk serums to the area morning and night

In the morning, the serum will benefit and  help to waken up your skin. This will also create a smooth surface in order to apply things such as your lipstick and eye products.  Using Perk at night time after cleansing will give your skin that much needed hydration it needs to repair the cells overnight.

Does it hurt?

Having a perk treatment is comfortable and a light exfoliation with a vacuum suction is used throughout the treatment.  If you have particularly sensitive skin you may find that you have some pinkness or redness to the areas but this soon fades.

We recommend that you refrain from using skin exfoliation of the next week after treatment. At your consultation we will ask if you have any allergies such as shellfish or VIT C

A follow up sheet and aftercare will be supplied for you to take home



Face treatment works double-time by gently cleansing and replenishing skin with potent antioxidants to reveal a gorgeous, healthy glow.



Lip treatment gets smooth and perfectly primed lips with key ingredients such as peppermint oil and peony extract that lightly plump your pout.



Eye treatment awakens the delicate eye area with energising green tea extract and citric acid, a natural skin brightener.

Perk Lip

£40 Per session
Includes take home product for 30 days
Buy 6 get one free
Buy 12 get 2 free

Perk Eyes

£45 Per session
Includes take home product for 30 days
Buy 6 get one free
Buy 12 get 2 free

Perk Face

£50 Per session
Includes take home product for 30 days
Buy 6 get one free
Buy 12 get 2 free