The Hydratite treatment  is the ultimate and  unique combination of two of our best treatments combined together. We first use our HydraFacial MD  to improve the condition of the skin and this is then followed by our Endymed RF system to provide skin tightening.

The great benefits of the HydraFacial and Endymed combination is that the skin will respond more effectively to radio frequency treatment which in return enhances he tightening effect on the skin.


Cost at consultation. Plans available for 6 and 12 months

Experience the best

The treatment is safe for all ages and  skin types and  side effects are very minimal which will involve a little redness and the feeling of heat on the skin for a short time.

So, how does it work? 

As a stand alone treatment the Hydrafacial is skin health focused on taking impurities out of the skin and then replacing with the good nutrients.  Our endymed RF treatment creates a heat in the deeper layers of skin which stimulates collagen production to give a tightening effect. The endymed creates heat so as the Hydrafacial is incredibly hydrating the skin tightening is much more effective when combined with the Hydrafacial.

Hydrafacial Package 1

Paid monthly by Go Cardless £81 (£2.60 per day)

Package worth £2020. Pay £1172 Save £848
12 Hydrafacials with 9 RF , 12 Dermalux LED, 2 X Visia Skin Analysis, 10% off ZO Skincare

Hydratite Package 2

Paid monthly by Go Cardless £147.50 ((£4.75 per day)

Total package value £2920, Saving £948
This Package offers: 12 x facials, 12, Dermalux , 2 x Visia and 10% off ZO Skincare


Pay single session £230 by debit or credit card

Single Session £230 One Payment made in clinic
1 single session of Hydrafacial Platinum with Endymed RF

What to expect for your treatment and the results and benefits

• Hydration
• Glowing Skin
• Results that are instant
• Skin lifting
• Skin rejuvenation
• Tightening of skin
• Gives skin elasticity and volume back

Treatment procedure

1. Your treatment will start with a full cleanse to the skin which is then followed by a relaxing Lymphatic drainage technique which will stimulate the Lymph flow, remove your toxins.

2. The second part of the treatment is the exfoliating  and deep cleansing of the skin using the patented Vortex cleaning process of the Hydrafacial. This will  deliver botanical cleansers and glucosamine deep into the skin. The next stage is to administer via the hydrafacial a light glycolic brightening solution that is infused into the skin to stimulate collagen and soften any blockages in pores before they are extracted purging them of any dirt.

3.We will then commence with our Endymed radio frequency machine to the face. As we have removed the top dead layer of the skin the radio frequency penetrates more effectively into the skin. With the hydrated skin your collagen is able to tighten and stimulate better and a lifting technique will occur.

4.Following the Radio Frequency treatment we will treat the skin again with  the Hydrafacial administering a cocktail  blend of anti-oxidants and peptides. This part of the treatment will deeply hydrate the skin and then you are ready to experience our Dermalux LED phototherapy. We will use Red and info red lights to stimulate further production of collagen.

5.The treatment will be completed with our ZO Skinhealth products and SPF leaving you with a glow

What others say about us

  • Fabulous looking clinic with service to match!  
    Gillian Client
  • Cant speak Highly enough about the RE-NU Skin Clinic , Kristeen is such a professional I wouldn’t go any where else ,
    Lynne Client
  • The Renu clinic has passed 2 years in a row with the excellent protocols and aftercare. This clinic has had rigorous clinical checks and we are pleased to work with them
    Save Face Inspection

Hydratite complexion-enhancing and skin-tightening treatment packages