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Non Surgical Treatments – Our registered nurse practitioner will undertake all consultations and treatments with you as well as follow up appointments. You will always see the same practitioner throughout your whole journey-our commitment to you.

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Non-Surgical Cosmetic Services

It is very important to consider the total look when having aesthetic treatments rather than just one area and to identify the key areas, to understand the whole ageing process.

The whole face approach to total treatment solution available at ReNuSkin Clinic, under the expert guidance of Kristeen E Geddes RGN NIP.

Rather than looking at just a single part of the face at trying to ‘chase lines’, the  whole face  approach takes a more holistic view of how the face will age.

We do not just age in one part of our face therefore treating only one area will never give the effective, true and ideal facial rejuvenation results that women and men require as they age.

At Re-Nu Skin Clinic we address the entire face as a full picture which depends upon the balance and symmetry of its parts to complete a whole, natural and fresh appearance.


Why Chose us for the full face holistic  approach?

Kristen Geddes is recognised in the industry as being one of Scotlands premier medical practitioners and has the honour year after year of being personally invited to the masterclasses of world famous Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Dr Mauricio De Maio and many other well known injectors. She is on the first ever UK faculty for ZO skin health and is a well known and recognised trainer at her academy teaching Doctors/Dentists and Nurses her techniques.

Dr De Maio pioneered the revolutionary ‘The 8 Point Approach’ technique. After 25 years as a medical doctor -15 of which have been specialised in cosmetic medicine – Kristeen saw the incredible benefits and amazing results of this approach, and decided to make it available to her Dundee clinic where she treats this approach on a daily basis.


She is also recognised in the industry for her attention to detail and her amazing skin consultations. Her clinic is up to date with the most advanced skin analysis and 3D camera for all consultations.

Restylane  Volyme is an injectable hyaluronic acid volumisation treatment that re-contours the face to restore volume to the chin, cheeks and cheekbones that have become hollow or thin due to weight loss or age related facial fat loss. Immediately after treatment, you should notice your facial contours appear fuller and rounder… Giving your face a dofter more youthful appearance.


Depending on your course of dermal filler treatment you may notice a return of the soft, full cheeks, and firm, high cheekbones of youth, a refreshing revolumisation of the face, and a marked return of the smooth jowls and jawline and the firm chin of youth,

And, your results will last—the lifting effects of treatment with Restylane Volyme or Lyft have been shown to last up to 12 months in studies.

How does Restylane Volume/Lyft dermal filler work to achieve its results?

An attractive face is characterised by smooth, round contours, high cheekbones, hollow jowls and a thin, well-defined jawline. These features together comprise the “triangle of beauty” or “heart of face”, with its base at the top and summit below.

As we age, facial fat loss, gravity, and loss of the skin’s natural elasticity conspire to reverse this triangle’s composition, leading to a narrower, less youthful forehead and temple area, and a wider, heavier jawline.

Fortunately, Restylane Volyme and Restylane Lyft can restore the face’s balance and heart-shaped proportions, revolumising facial hollows and lost volume and re-contouring the cheeks, cheekbones, and nose for a fuller, softer, more youthful appearance. Restylane Volume/Lyft  helps recapture the facial volume that age and weight loss can diminish. With the products  an innovative injectable hyaluronic volumiser, you can enjoy a smoother more youthful appearance of your cheeks, cheekbones, and chin.

Enjoy increased confidence with Restylane  Volyme and Lyft Volumisation dermal filler

Perhaps the best indicator of the advantages and benefits of anti-ageing treatment with those products  is the level to which those who have used it enjoy their results. A clinical study demonstrated that at 6 to 12 months after treatment, all study participants rated their results as positive!

Volyme and Lyft is used to :

Reduces the jowls
Lift the cheek bones
Reduce wrinkles

What does Volume/Lyft Treatment involve?

Your injector Kristeen Geddes will thoroughly sterilise the area to be treated with a solution and will apply an anaesthetic cream ensure the most comfortable treatment possible. You will become slightly numb where the cream has been applied.

The whole treatment takes around 45-60 min minutes giving the time for the cream to take affect and injection.

We will use a needle or cannula into the areas being treated such as cheeks, chin or cheekbones.


Prices are as follows


1ml £250

2mls £450

3mls £650

4 mls £800

5 mls £900

Therapeutic care to restore movement and function to people disabled by disease or injury. Care may include exercise, training in activities of daily living and education. Our team works in collaboration with other specialties to offer comprehensive care and quickly restore you to your optimal health.

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