Controlled Depth Peel

By Dr Zein Obagi

With the support of Wigmore Medical we are proud to bring to Tayside the controlled depth peel. Carried out by practitioners Kristeen Geddes and Dr Aisling Hanly we are the only 2 trained medical professionals to carry out this peel.

With extensive training in ZO skin health we were honoured to be invited to train and learn this amazing peeling system.

Using controlled methods to deliver TCA 28% peels to the deeper layers of the skin we are able to tighten and firm the skin as well as reduce scarring and pigmentation. The peel is then performed 5 years later to achieve the same results.


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History Of The Controlled Depth Peel

Skin Health At Its Best

In 1999, Dr. Obagi was already running studies on his Blue Peel. Back then he reported that the Blue Peel was simple and gave doctors consistent results for those who had skin problems that affected the epidermis and upper parts of the dermis. He didn’t expect that the skin would tighten if it was loose, but it did when the Blue Peel was used. This gave his new Blue Peel a whole new dimension of use. This peel was something that could be used for those of all races and it could also be used for skin that wasn’t on the face.

The OBAGI® Controlled Depth Blue Peel is a procedure that is used on the face, neck, chest, hands, back, arms and legs.

The procedure time will be around 20 min to apply the peel however pre anaesthetic must be applied and nerve blocks to the entire face and neck.  The deeper the peel, the more coats we will have to  put on your skin. For comfort we invested in the pro 6 cooling machine blowing consistent -15 degree cold air.

After the OBAGI® Blue Peel, your skin will swell somewhat and then start to peel in 2-3 days. The peeling lasts for about a week, and brand new skin appears between 7 to 10 days. The skin will peel and look as if there’s been a sunburn during this time, but this appearance fades quickly. You are required to apply post procedure products to the skin in a precise manner for the next 10 days. It is advisable to take a week from work. You must refrain from exercise during the recovery phase.

Your Results Look Better and Better Over Time

As your brand new skin shows over the next 12 weeks expect to look more youthful with firmer and tiger skin. You can repeat the procedure about once every 5 years . Scars will be reduced,  skin laxity tightens, wrinkles will look less deep and the peel can also eliminate  any pigmentation problems.